The composition of Buzz is small, yet effective. The critical success factor which differentiates Buzz from its competitors is their ability to manage the extra-ordinary at anytime to the satisfaction of the clients’ needs. Each client is viewed as a prized asset.

We envisage being the market leaders in our industry by setting the benchmark to which others can aspire to achieve.

We pride ourselves on superior service and excellent customer care and support. Management is involved in every deal and is accountable for the delivery of world-class products that will make their customers proud.

Buzz prides itself on its ability to produce high quality products whilst working under the pressure of tight deadlines.

We will never compromise the integrity of ourselves or our clients by manufacturing sub standard products. “Perfection is not a goal it is a rule.”

Products and Services

Buzz has a comprehensive list of contracted suppliers and manufacturers and said turn-around time and quality workmanship is impeccable.

We specialize in procurement, manufacture and branding that will suit every client’s requirements at very competitive prices.

Products and services include but are not limited to procurement of consumables, clothing, novelties, specialized designed and manufactured items.